Thursday, July 12, 2012

Project 16

Project 16
Make a stamp using a potato or sponge and stamp something with it. 

I didn't have a potato and I have done sponge stamps before and they did not turn out great so I thought I would try an eraser!

The first thing I did was draw a mustache on my eraser.
 Next, I took out my stamp cutter and cut around it.  I ended up using an exacto knife. It worked much better.  It actually cut through my eraser like butter! I even scratched up the mustache with the stamp cutter to look like hair.
 I then stamped mustaches on my kraft cardstock.

 I cut tags out using my tag punch, added 1/2 inch circles and punched holes through them after they were attached.  Next, I added string!  I think they came out cute!

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