Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Project #10

For this project, I had to use water as my medium or inspiration. I found an awesome project on Pinterest that I decided to copy. May I present: The Water Blob.

I bought a 9'x12' piece of 2 mil plastic from Home Depot for about four dollars. I folded it in half, and taped the three edges together leaving about a three inch gap to insert a hose. After placing it on some cushy blankets to keep random sticks from popping it, we filled it with water and taped the little gap shut.

The girls had an absolute blast splashing around on the Water Blob. It seemed to be a mixture of waterbed/slip&slide. Laying down on the Blog was pretty weird---- cool, soft, and comfy though. Here's a video of the kids splashing around:

They loved their bellyflop competition and enjoyed playing ring-around-the-rosie. I joined in for a couple of rounds, and falling down onto a giant water bed sure beats throwing yourself down on the grass.

We sprayed the top with water and blew bubbles everywhere, which made the surface satisfyingly slippery.

One small word of caution---- if you attempt this project, be sure to do this on a flat surface. I didn't even notice the gradual slope of the yard when I first began assembling The Blob. Big mistake. Once we starting filling it up it slowly began to roll. Down the hill. Thankfully Mrs. Joy held it in place while I scrambled to find some more blankets to level out the ground, effectively solving our problem. It didn't look pretty, but it worked well.

We love The Blob!!!


  1. I'm glad you tried this! I've been wanting to try it for camp but I'm not sure how it would hold up with 30 kids jumping on it. Do you think 10 kids at a time would destroy it?

  2. Yeah, it would probably last. You can easily patch holes with duct tape, and as long as they're careful not to use their nails on it, it's pretty strong. I used 2 mil plastic, but they make it thicker. Also, try to get as little air in the bag as possible.