Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Project 8

Mrs. Joy recently donated a huge pile of books to the local library, but before she dropped them off I made sure to snag one. I decided to make one of those hidden box books, which turned out to be much, much trickier than I had anticipated. 

First I painted the book a tan color. Then I carefully cut out a shape from some leftover cardboard and glued it to the cover. Then I took a few sheets of paper towel and modge-podged it over the entire thing. This was pretty tricky---- the dampness warped the cover, and I accidentally glued some of the paper towel to the edge of the pages. Whoops!

I then brushed some watered-down acrylic paint over the damp paper towel, and let the whole thing dry.

Then I opened the book and glued the edges of the pages together into one giant chunk. After that dried, I traced out a rectangle, and began slicing through it with an exacto blade. This was super messy. There were little shreds of paper everywhere, and the corners tore, rather than pulling clean out.

Not my favorite project, but I probably did put more effort into this one than any of the others. Oh well. 

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  1. this project took me the longest also... love it!!