Monday, June 11, 2012

Project #9

For this project, I was supposed to make something with my breakfast before I ate it. I kind of took the project in a different direction, and made a cool breakfast in general: home-made pop tarts!

I started with two pieces of pie crust stacked on top of each other, and then sliced them into equal pieces with a pizza cutter. I then filled them with one of two fillings---- a brown sugar and cinnamon mixture, or a teaspoon of Mrs. Joy's home-made strawberry jam. I sealed them with brushed egg, poked a hole in the top, and baked them for a little over ten minutes.

I then finished them off with a drizzle of icing---- cinnamon, and plain. They were absolutely delicious, and disappeared quickly. Way better than the stale, much-too-sweet store-bought variety.


  1. These were absolutely delicious and a big hit on Father's Day Weekend... it's hard to go wrong with Joy Jam!

  2. Yum They look delicious!!!!