Saturday, June 30, 2012

Project 12
Camouflage.  Create or alter something so that it disappears into the background. 

 I have been wanting to try this since I saw it posted on Pintrest.  I did a really messy job, the middle finger is smudged and in the close up photos the nails are painted horribly.  Basically all you do is paint your nails a base coat with nail polish.  Since the background of my map is white, I painted them white.  I never like how white come out on nails anyway.  Let them dry.  Trim paper that you have printed on with a LASER printer to the size of your nails.  Dip your nail in alcohol, place the paper printed size down on your nail firmily for about thirty seconds.  If any paper remains on the nail but it off under warm water.  I only did one hand because I wanted to get this post up but think I will try again later.

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